About Us

Northern Star, a name amongst the best generator companies in Nigeria has found popularity and trust of customers in a short time due to its ethics, innovation and commitment. Our dedicated staff follows the “Jack of All, Master of One” policy. They work solely on one generator issue at a time to give their 100% and produce lasting solutions. With independent segments for distribution of used generators, diesel generator maintenance and manufacturing of custom generators, we focus to deploy right people at right place and problem.

Cost-Friendly Solutions

With time-bound approach, we never get tired of handling your queries and make every possible effort to keep the solution's cost, light on your pocket. We are a licensed on-site generator service provider and also supply generators for sale in Lagos, state Nigeria. We also keep in touch used generator sellers, so to provide you used gen-sets that are double-checked on our quality standards.

Resources and Services for every Possibility

We offer complete contracts for time-wise servicing of your generators and do periodic testing for maximum performance. We are one of the rare generator companies in Nigeria who keep almost every kind of OEM spare-parts in-stock for instant replacement under no time.

So, if you are planning to set-up a dependable power backup source for your home or you are thinking of setting automated power source servicing and configuring, give us a call at 07066161482-08035005757.

You can also mail your service requirements and custom scenario-needs at info@northernstarng.com